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NFC tags are becoming increasingly popular in today’s digital environment because they allow access to a host of information, quickly and easily. With these tags, you can download information from film posters, read a recipe from an advertisement, select your university curriculum timetable and so much more. All you need is an NFC friendly mobile phone.

NFC allows the use of smart tags to read objects. You can store many different types of data on your NFC tag, and the amount varies depending on the tag used, as each one has a different memory capacity. You can store web addresses or phone numbers, for example, with a standard tag which allows for approximately 41 characters, or you might opt for the more advanced tags that hold 132 characters. The technology for NFC is constantly evolving.

There is no limit; you can be as creative as your imagination chooses and this access to a wealth of information makes the internet and other services fast and exciting, through the mobile network. This is still a relatively new venture, but increasingly more phone companies are now supporting NFC tags and phones are becoming NFC enabled.

In the world of retail, NFC allows vast opportunities for promotions, campaigns, marketing and discounts as well as customer loyalty and it is used to customize products and authenticate information.

In the environment of Business, NFC makes saving contacts and adding calendar entries to your smart-phone fast and easy. NFC tags can also make rewarding loyalty to customers easy, by introducing Apps such as personalized greetings and key chains.

NFC can also authenticate products and this is important in the pharmaceutical industry in particular, as it saves lives.

Soon everything and everyone could have a digital signature, making products, events, services, business and even people immediately accessible at the touch of a button. Imagine eating in your favorite restaurant and being able to touch your phone against the menu. Immediately you have all the dishes you love downloaded and ready for you to use whenever you want. NFC tags are making the digital future a reality.

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