NFC Woven wristband combines the RFID technology with good looking and practical housings. They can be used as a wristwatch and make using RFID technology easy. Flexible, beautiful, makes it comfortable and durable for long-lasting use. The Maximum available color is 7 colors, meeting your unique design requirement.

nfc rfid wristband

The woven wristbands feature an RFID tag, enabling compatibility with any RFID event solutions, including access control, cashless payments, and social media integration. Along with the RFID wristbands, our RFID Mini Cards can be fully customized to suit your festival or sponsor’s brand.

Woven RFID wristband is beginning used more widely in event management which will demand this streamlined response to their registration, payment and engagement needs. Heroncore RFID wristband with its environmental friendly material and smooth touch have become popular among consumers.

Heroncore is a leading supplier of RFID woven wristbands and supplies them to almost all multi-day European and American event festivals.  NFC woven wristbands provide the ultimate in security for events, they are unique, full customization and extremely difficult to replicate. RFID fabric wristbands can print or woven with your logo, sponsors, advertisers etc.

Heroncore has been researching and developing various RFID woven wristband for many years. We have rich successful experience in Europe and USA since 2005. Heroncore NFC products provide excellent electronic performance and pretty color printing, various individual operations in psychical appearance and chip operation.

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