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NXP’s RFID product range covers all major frequencies including LF (HITAG), HF (NTAG and ICODE), and UHF (UCODE). Heroncore RFID wristband and tags products adopt NXP original chips. So whether your application requires withstanding a harsh environment, must work at long range or high speed, or requires NFC, Heroncore has a product to suit your needs.

UCODE Ultra High Frequency (UHF)

UCODE passive UHF transponder ICs offer high anti-collision rates and long operating distances and can help protect your brand—ideal for supply chain management and logistics applications requiring high speed, long-range operation.

ICODE High Frequency (HF)

ICODE is the industry standard for high-frequency (HF) smart label solutions with billions of ICs in the field and thousands of successful installations. ICODE is a proven technology and supports ISO 15693 / ISO 18000-3 compliant infrastructure.

NTAG High Frequency (HF)

With its NFC technology NTAG offers the ultimate in convenience for connecting all types of consumer devices and enables rapid and easy communications. It is the perfect solution for exchanging data in our increasingly complex and connected world.

HITAG Low Frequency (LF)

HITAG is a well-established brand in the low-frequency (LF) RFID market. The mature LF technology is the technology of choice when it comes to harsh environment applications, where highly reliable, robust and safe data transmission is required.

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