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Fujian HeronCore Smart Technology Co., Ltd

Heroncore Technology established in 2005, focus on the RFID industry for a decade. We Self-run an RFID wristband factory and an RFID tags factory. Heroncore is an early bird in RFID wristband. After years of strive, HeronCore becomes one of the biggest RFID products manufacturer in China. Especially we are the first & biggest RFID silicone wristband manufacturer in China.

As an advocate of socioeconomic sustainability, we make every effort to support secure and stable RFID products, and help customers and industries improve efficiency to drive low-carbon economic growth. We help customers maximize their global value and share win-win outcomes.

Our products include RFID Silicone wristband, plastic wristband, PVC wristband, Nylon wristband, disposable wristband, and RFID tags as well like nail tag, animal tag, anti-metal tag, Small round tag, seal tag.

We are professional RFID wristbands and tags manufacture since 2005.  We always offer Reasonable price with reliable quality products, after sales warranty.


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